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Collaboration with Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys, founded in 2012 in Estonia is now one of, if not the leading B2B, SaaS startup accelerators in Europe. key2platform and Startup Wise Guys collaborate to support startups with know-how and tools to master investor negotiations.


Startup WIse Guys event
Startup Wise Guys event, copyright Startup Wise Guys

Acceleration at its best

Startup Wise Guys has accelerated more than 70 companies with founders from over 30 countries so far and launched their 9th batch this spring. The company behind the accelerator program is Wise Guys Investments OU (Wise Guys), an investment company founded by private Estonian investors together with VC fund SmartCap. The core activity of Wise Guys is to invest in early stage technology companies. To enhance the investment potential, they run the accelerator program called Startup Wise Guys. This current batch of Startup Wise Guys gives 11 startups from 8 countries the opportunity to participate in the accelerator program. A note in passing: More than 160 startups applied for the program that started in September and will last until December. Congrats to the following 11 startups that were selected:

Cast Print (Latvia), Fractory (Estonia), Gaus (Moldova), (Ukraine), iDiscount (Belarus), ModelTag (Italy), Smart Sub (Belarus), TRAPMINE (Turkey), Vartus (Latvia), WellParko (Lithuania), Zeew (Latvia).

These selected startups will receive a 20,000 Euro investment and an intensive 3month program of mentoring and workshops as well as access to more than 150 mentors and investors. And that is where key2investors comes into play: in December, at the end of Startup Wise Guys’ 9th batch, key2investors will hold a workshop on 2nd Levels Negotiations for the preparation of negotiations with future cooperation partners and investors. Our goal with this workshop is to enable the people behind these 11 startups to professionalize their funding process and to equip them with the necessary tools.

Investors, where are you?

We know that capital raising is complex: Finding investors for your startup and preparing your argumentation and documentation, but with the right tools and knowledge, is a very tricky phase which can become a lot easier. This is why the collaboration with Startup Wise Guys goes far beyond the workshop on 2nd level negotiations. We can equip startups with knowledge about the investment process in order to reduce the asymmetry of knowledge and data between investors and startups. One way of achieving this is by providing startups with an online database for investor profiling on This database consists of roughly 2,000 investors, which can be filtered by regional focus, industry, technology, startup phase and more.

Avoiding mistakes?

Who is it for and how does Startup Wise Guys help? A well-made video summarises what a great online and offline mentoring program offers entrepreneurs. No matter how big the startup has become from a single idea, coaching saves him time, money and energy and even wonderfully increases his relationship capital.

start up wise guys youtube video

We are glad to continue to work with Wise Guys as they are a company that is as passionate about startups entering the scaling phase as we are.

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