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Key2investors Podcast 01

Key2investors podcast #02


Nigerian FinTech goes European Accelerator and shares his experience. 


In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking to Ibrahim Bashir, CEO of Nigerian FinTech Dillali. We ask him about his experiences as a founder, in particular why he joined a European accelerator. He shares a lot about the Nigerian startup ecosystem and answers the question of whether an early-stage startup needs external support. Are you curious what he would do if he were starting from scratch again? Then join us, Razvan Suta from Startup Wise Guys and Petra Wolkenstein from Key2Investors in this insightful conversation.


“You need someone to give you advice. It is much more valuable than any amount of money.

Ibrahim Bashir, Founder and CEO Dillali

In this Episode

0.40 – Introduction of Dillali. How did the startup’s journey begin?

02.25 – From the idea to 100% entrepreneurship. The importance of focus.

05.05 – What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in Africa? Challenges and system building.

07.00 – The Nigerian Startup Ecosystem. Learn more about the difficulties and who can support the founders.

12.40 – First-hand information from local networks and start-up hubs.

15.03 – The Startup Wise Guys acceleration. Why is an early-stage entrepreneur supposed to take part in the programme?

19.15 – African Accelerators, business mentors, expertise. A sharper focus on different areas is essential.

21.53 – What would you do differently if you were to start again?

25.15 – Quick questions:

  • What are your three non-negotiables as an African entrepreneur?
  • Why now is the time for African talent to enter digital entrepreneurship?
  • What advice would you give to the youth in Africa?

27.55 – Summary of the topics. Thanks to Ibrahim for the great thoughts and interesting discussion.


The key2investors podcast is for everyone interested in startup acceleration, investor preparation and the European and African investor perspective. Check out our latest episodes and follow our live conversations on Linkedin.

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