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How can key2platform support program managers

How can key2platform support program managers?

As a program manager of  for your incubation, entrepreneurship or acceleration program, you have a lot of coordination tasks on your plate while working with your startups. Delivering online program management can mean a lot of clicks flickering instead of eyes blinking. There is a need for program managers to get the tools to be able to focus more on content and the participants’ progress than on coordinating and using different tools and managing archives and documents and invitations.

An online solution to an online problem

Key2platform is tailored to the needs of startup programme managers and follows the structure of acceleration programs in batches or cohorts. It is an easy-to-use, fast Plug’n’Play platform that gives users just as much freedom as they require.
Ideal for an online accelerator programme launch, for virtual accelerators and incubator programs. Key2platform is great support if you are converting your existing programme into a hybrid or online experience.

Work hard everywhere with accelerator management software

You can work from anywhere and at any time in comfort. The online world knows no boundaries of space and time, and you have a key to one of its rooms with key2platform’s online program management.

Digital transformation: make it your own

You can make your key2platform space appear with your organisation’s logo and have the right URL. Use your branding to create an online accelerator.

Be safe

Key2platfrom is a GDPR conform and hosted within the European Union so that you comply with data protection regulations.

Work smoothly and automate your online program management

Having everything in one central place helps to reduce resources. Our structure follows the principle of acceleration in timed batches. You can pre-programme assignments, when content is available and which events take place so that everyone can easily find what they need.

Keep the overview

Thanks to our integrated progress tracking and analytics, you can easily see which of your start-ups are most engaged with the content, giving you a clear indication of who your top performers are. Reporting is made easy.

Just start with your online program management

Start for free with our sandboxing solution. Implement your program for free. Payment just comes in once you open doors and use it with your participants. Setting up your space takes max. 20 minutes. Get the virtual keys and open your acceleration space. GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY!

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