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Which online platform is best for your startup program and how key2platform differs from others?

Which online platform is best for your startup program and how key2platform differs from others?

E-learning offers many advantages for program managers, mentors, and start-ups. Not only is it more economical and environmentally friendly to run the program online, but it also brings more flexibility and more opportunities for virtual collaboration. There are countless online solutions, but which online platform is best for your startup program?

Here are 10 reasons to choose key2platform and understand which online platform is best for your startup program?

You don’t want to run your start-up program under an external label? Leave the strict framework of e-learning platforms and create your very own digital accelerator platform under your brand with your URL.

Create a platform under your own brand name and URL                                ✖️ Everything under the e-learning brand


Start-ups want to rise at rocket speed, so the virtual start-up accelerator should keep up the pace. Key2platform is an accelerator management software, that has a customised content structure based on the start-up accelerator program delivery model.

Customized content structure based on Start-up accelerator model         ✖️ Pre-fixed Content structure


E-learning usually doesn’t offer too many networking opportunities. However, what could be better than meeting other start-ups, inspiring each other and exchanging ideas with and getting feedback from mentors. Build a community for each group with coaches and start-ups.

Build a community for every batch with Coaches and Start-ups                    ✖️ Individualistic


If you are a good programme manager, you will always want more freedom in your work. You no longer have to stick to a generic framework. On key2platform, we specifically designed a batch or cohort structure for accelerators and incubators.

Batch/Cohort structure designed specifically for Accelerators and incubators        ✖️ Generic structure


Instead of the “one trainer, one-course” model, our virtual platform offers space for multiple trainers with multiple groups on board. Start-ups will be excited about this because it is not a quick fix but a digital transformation.

On-board multiple coaches across the globe in multiple Batches                   ✖️ 1 coach 1 subject/lesson/course

On e-learning platforms, participants can access and see all courses. On the key2platform, however, program managers have complete autonomy (ownership and control) on the incubator platform created (content) and the start-ups that can participate in the program (users). i.e. startups can access content only of the batches assigned to them via code and not the other batches/programs running on the platform. 

Unique user log-in IDs                                                         ✖️ Everyone on the E-learning platform can access the courses

Data protection and control over access to your content is one of the most prudent factors for any acceleration program. Key2platform is not only completely GDPR compliant, but the unique sign-up code process, helps the program manager have full control over who can access the incubator program. Thus ensuring a start-up incubator truly becomes a safety program in the digital space. 


Control complete access to your own content and program                ✖️ Content accessible to all on the platform


Motivation, enthusiasm and interactivity are part of good start-up programmes. Do you think it’s impossible to transfer the atmosphere of a Start-up Bootcamp to the online space? On key2platform, you can create a variety of interactive tasks and events.

Interactive Assignment structure, with events, announcements, tasks          ✖️ Non-Interactive


Tracking progress is an essential part of coaching start-ups. Our customers have driven us to implement analytics on key2platform for each task, event and team to be able to monitor and keep the overview, or even to create reports for stakeholders on the success of the program.

Progress tracking and analytics for every task completion, event, team        ✖️ No program analytics


Don’t want to switch to online-only acceleration? You don’t have to. Unlike most programs, key2platform is a hybrid solution that works perfectly for online and offline programs.

An hybrid solution that can be used for both online and Off-line programs        ✖️ Only online


Get in touch to know hich online platform is best for your startup program?!

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