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Jesaya Hano-Oshike Podcast 03

Key2investors podcast #03




We are continuing our journey to have conversations on the African startup ecosystems, digital acceleration and investing in early-stage startups. In this episode, we had the pleasure to talk to Jesaya Hano-Oshike, representing Startup Namibia and the Namibian Business Angel Network.


“With digital acceleration, you have access from all around the world.

Jesaya Hano-Oshike
Startup Namibia & The Namibian Business Angel Network

In this Episode

00.10 – Petra Wolkenstein from Austria and Razvan Suta from Estonia welcome the audience and introduce Jesaya Hano-Oshike.

01.45 – Jesaya joins the conversation. How did he come into contact with startups in his various fields of work in the banking sector? What led him to work for the government organization Startup Namibia?

07.00 – What is the aim of Startup Namibia? The role of Startup Namibia in the Namibian startup ecosystem.

09.40 – Recent developments at the Namibian Business Angel Network and Naban. Business success and positive thoughts about the future.

10.30 – A detailed explanation of the Namibian start-up ecosystem. How mentoring, business coaching and the support system actually work. The lack of capital is holding back small businesses.

13.20 – Building an entrepreneurial culture. Razvan Suta asks about the strengths and weaknesses of the startup ecosystem in Namibia.

16.06 – Tech Startups in Namibia. Challenges and achievements. Success stories from the Startup Wise Guys accelerator programme.

19.02 – Startups and investors. What do they appreciate most about the programme? Programme structure, design thinking, mentoring, business coaching.

20.20 – Digital acceleration. What has been the experience of Key2investors, Startup Wise Guys and Startup Namibia in their collaboration?

24.10 – Question about the corporate sector in Namibia and whether they want to be included in the start-up ecosystem?

27.40 – Petra Wolkenstein asks Jesaya to look back at his previous business projects. What would he do differently in his work with startups?

30.00 – Quick questions:

  • What are your three non-negotiables as an African entrepreneur?
  • Why now is the time for African talent to enter digital entrepreneurship?
  • What advice would you give to the youth in Africa?

32.02 – Summary of key topics. Many thanks to Jesaya for the interesting insights and for sharing his values.


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