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B2B Startups trained online to reach the next level

Startup Wise Guys online training in Europe and Africa with key2platform


About our customer

Customer: Startup Wise Guys, no. 1 accelerator in Central and Eastern Europe
: Accelerator and Investor
Customer project: Online Pre-Accelerator training with self-service
Contact person: Cristobal Alonso, CEO Startup Wise Guys

Key requirements for the accelerator management platform

  • The acceleration program with pre-recorded videos, templates and download-material needed to be online.
  • Startups needed timed access to content and get assignments
  • Startups needed to get information on the week’s program
  • Access to recordings of live-sessions
  • Announcements of upcoming live-events needed to be visible
  • Analytics of startups participation and engagement to support program managers and reporting requirements
  • Access for several program managers in parallel to the backend and possibility to run several programs in parallel

Key achievements and results

  • Startup Wise Guys’ acceleration program and key2investors’ investor-readiness module are delivered virtually on key2platform
  • International coaches support startups with feedback and Q&A sessions
  • 1,350 founders and startups trained in 15 months and ongoing
  • Global reach of participants

About the collaboration

“If you manage a large volume of startups and there’s lots of activity, you might want to look into purchasing an online solution for distance learning and communication, e.g. key2platform.”

Zane Bojāre, Head of Marketing, Startup Wise Guys

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