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Online platform for program managers: Why we have created key2platform?

Online platform for program managers: Why we have created key2platform?

Whether you are a program manager managing start-ups in an incubator program, an accelerator or at a university program, we all know, this is such a rewarding job full of interactions and wonderful moments with your participants.┬áBut this experience can sometimes turn into a lot of work and coordination effort. Servicing several programmes and your participants at the same time often means using lots of different apps to coordinate, communicate, share documents, calendar invites, presentations, recordings, templates, and much more. It turns into an organisational effort that takes its toll and lots of resources. It’s sometimes demanding to keep spirits up and motivate your teams while clicking around in a thousand open windows. This became our inspiration for key2platform an online platform for program managers!

One Platform, one solution

Much automation and a clean experience with accelerator management software

This is where key2platform comes in handy: Open your programme to a larger audience through virtuality, but keep it clean, automated, and structured so you only have to worry about the participants and the progress they are making.

How come we know how to do that (run an online platform for program managers)

We have been there. Our founder, Petra, has been working as a coach, program manager in start-up ecosystems in Europe and Africa for more than 10 years. She has experienced first-hand, what it means to deliver and create progress in an entrepreneurship program and how to do that in many programmes in parallel. It is all about digitalising, automating and then focussing on the teams.

When the world of hybrid accelerators and online programmes became not just a nice to have but a must, we had created key2platform and briefly afterwards, our SaaS product.


Digital transformation with key2platform (online platform for program managers)

A determined team emerged, and the first implementations were done for accelerators in Europe and Africa Over the last years, key2platform has collaborated with renowned accelerators, university incubators, government organisations and not for profit organisations. We are contributing from the technology side to the start-up ecosystem for start-ups to get the best feedback and support to thrive. The world is challenging enough.

We welcome new program managers and pros and offer you individual support to get the most out of the key2platform – the tailored online platform for program managers!

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