Company name: Konsultori BD GmbH
Management: Mag. Petra Wolkenstein
Legal form:
Gesellschaft mit beschrnkter Haftung
Type of business:

VAT number: ATU69218223
Commercial registration number: FN
Commercial register and court: Handelsgericht Vienna

Address: Währinger Strasse 3/10, 1090 Vienna, Austria
E-mail: petra.wolkenstein[at]
Phone: +43 680 221 3753

Memberships: WKO, WKW, UBIT (Management Consultancy)
WKO Firmen A-Z
Applicable Law: Gewerbeordnung
Access to applicable law:
Trade organisation: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des I. Bezirkes
Type of business:
Management Consulting
Country of registration:
Content orientation of the website: Information, tools and tips for capital raising.
The person responsible for the content: Mag.a Petra Wolkenstein

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