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Customized program content

key2platform lets you customize your accelerator program, assignments and deadlines.

  • With a feature that helps you run parallel batches across your platform, with every new batch there is the opportunity to create unique tailored content.
  • Integrate guides, texts, videos, references, or resources grouped into learning units and batches.
  • Give assignments. Customize your assignments per learning unit and pre-schedule them for communication.
  • Run start up programs in parallel. As mentioned, several batches can run at different times and in parallel.
  • Share templates. Once uploaded and available to users in batches, you make sure to provide frameworks.

Create and communicate your content effectively and hassle free!

Program Management Support

Automate the program to focus on participant engagement.
  • Easy onboarding: Startups can self-register and are automatically assigned to their program
  • Assignment planning: Set deadlines for your assignments before starting programs to automate.
  • Use reminders: Communicate automatically with reminders to keep entrepreneurs on track and trigger progress.
  • Coach booking: Use booking functionalities to organize coach assignments and booking from users.

Community & Communication

Keep users engaged in one place. Create a Virtual Startup Accelerator.

  • Central communication: Whether private messages, peer2peer, or program manager2users, you have one central accelerator plpatform instead of long email-chains.
  • Updates and Reminders: Share the latest status and new plans throughout the program.
  • Assignment status and feedback: Receive documents and fulfilled assignments via the upload functionality. Startups can choose the coach to share with for feedback.

Content Management System

  • Allow coaches, hosts, participants to create, edit and share their content on incubator platform.
  • Templates that help display the content in precise, accessible and easy to read format.
  • Create lessons with effective images, videos and required start up documents.
  • GDPR compliant, complete ownership of the content and data shared will be with the users.

Analytics and Progress

Program Management decisions supported well

  • Progress visualized: Assignment, progress and other start up activities status is visualized to filter most active or least active users to communicate with them.
  • Improvement potential: Get an overview of what works well and what needs to be improved in the next run of your program.
  • Reporting basis: Have all numbers in one place to generate reports for decision takers.


  • Our focus at key2platform is to help accelerators focus on their core competency while providing an environment for quality entrepreneurs and start-ups to onboard and grow.
  • Our motto? A clean, easy to use, fuss-free online solution that gives exactly what your accelerator needs!
  • Keeping this in mind, we have created some unique features that are slightly different from a regular e-learning platform. While e-learning platforms help transfer knowledge, key2platform lets you create your own brand identity with a unique URL, giving the necessary authenticity to the program.
  • Another thing that we deem extremely important is the ability to build a community while running the digital accelerator program on the platform, as it is the communities that help individuals grow!
  • While you can run multiple batches parallelly with multiple coaches from across the world on board, you also have total control as to which users can access your domain and which particular batch. With each batch, a unique sign-up code is to generate which helps control the access to your content all the time!

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