Do you need a
custom solution?

We also offer customized solutions to accomodate your special requirements. For universities, NGOs, larger accelerators and any organization that needs something bespoke.


Custom... everything?

With our accelerator management software, you can do that!

Put your brand front and centre. Your will have your own URL, along with your specific requirements implemented, your design, and your content.

You would like to make changes that fit your requirements, aesthetics, autonomy on the number of hosts, coaches and seats?

We provide a white-labelling solution. We help create your branded platform along with the customisation required.

Universities, investor groups, trainers who need to expand their reach with more participants and coaches required, are serviced by key2platform.

Our team will support you to create the best solution for your program.

Get in touch to know more about the licensing and possibilities that can be explored.


Digital transformation platform: With our custom solutions you can create even better and more succesful online program for your startups.

Your Own Brand

Get your own URL, which lets you put your name front and center! Design, aesthetics, layout, and any form of customization are required to create your unique platform.

For large volumes and periodic peaks

Do not have monthly courses but when you do at periodic times, have a large number of participants in the program and? The customized solution might just be the answer!

Content management

Currently, our product focuses on the batch/cohort structure for accelerators, but you need the content structure uniquely aligned as per your needs. We can do that too!

Create teams

This is one of the distinct features we currently provide with our custom solutions. This helps you create independent teams on the platform, assign specified tasks to the said team and track individual progress on the activities.

People on the platform

As you will completely own your platform and URL the autonomy of the number of program managers, coaches and participants is completely up to you. No bars on the number of users in the program.

Flexible licensing

We provide licensing for the custom solutions as per your needs. So not only is the platform customized but so is the license as per your needs and requirements!

Consult with an expert

Unsure as to where to start? How to start? Need more information as to how to set up your program? Get in touch with our experts directly for free consulting. Schedule a zoom call on Calendly or drop us an email at:

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