Pricing fit for any accelerator, investor group, university participant size

All subscriptions can be bought from inside the portal after you sign up or login and easily up- and downgrade between plans.


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Perfect for medium-sized and established accelerators



/ month

Starter Pack

  • 1 program manager account
  • 3 mentor accounts
  • 20 user accounts
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/ month

Perfect for medium-sized and established accelerators

  • 1 program manager account
  • 10 mentor accounts
  • 40 user accounts
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/ month

Ideal for larger and fast growing accelerators

  • 1 program manager account
  • 15 mentor accounts
  • 60 user accounts
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All subscriptions can be bought from inside the portal after you sign up or login and easily up- and downgrade between plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?

The pricing works on the number participants in the program. When a free program domain is created, the users can create content, edit it, without boundaries, however they would not be able to onboard seats on the program. Subscription would be required to access onboarding of coaches, participants etc. And based on the subscription package, the content would be accessible to all the participants. So upgrade as you grow!

How long will I be able to access my content on my free domain?

For three months.

What is the payment cycle?

One month from the date of your subscription.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?

Yes at any time during your subscription.

Can I export all my content?

Yes. You can download all your uploaded files, images and content. The content will be exported in markdown format.

Can I import content from another site?

No. This is currently not supported.

How does the payment for upgrades and downgrades work?

On a Pro rata basis. I.e. For upgrade, only the amount applicable till end of payment cycle shall be charged. Full amount for the upgraded subscription shall be charged from the next consecutive month. For downgrade, the users will not have to pay any amount. The difference of the amount owed from the remaining duration shall be reduced from next payment cycle.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Any time you want. However, the subscription will continue till the end of your payment cycle.

What happens to my content and domain after I cancel my subscription?

Nothing! Everything remains as is. The account will be downgraded to “free access”.

Will my content and domain be deactivated after 3 months of cancelling my subscription?

No! The 3 months rule only applies to accounts that have not started their subscription. We are always hoping our subscribers to do come back, so the domain and content will remain as they are.

What happens if I downgrade my plan and then cancel it in the same payment cycle?

Your subscription will be cancelled., You will be able to use it till the end of your payment cycle. However, the reduced prices on prorate basis shall not be refunded. That shall only be applicable in the next payment cycle when the subscription is reactivated.

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